Hear what people have to say about us!

“The workshop was a huge success!...Our teachers are using Handwriting Without Tears and it is going very well thanks to your expertise and the manner in which you taught us.”

Early Childhood Administrator

“Alyssa combines the rare gifts of being a pure professional, with a vast amount of knowledge in her field, as well as being a creative person who can problem-solve either at the drop of a hat, or after having given the problem a great deal of thought. Her greatest strength, however, is that she treats each child, not just as a 'patient', but as her own child. Alyssa not only cares for the children, she also cares about the children. We consider ourselves fortunate to have our children in her care."

H family

“…you have to look at each child individually and look at the whole picture, not to just focus on the specific problem the child has because at the end of the day everything is interconnected.  The kids who come see you are excited because they know that they are going to play and have fun with their friend and always feel safe when they are with you, both on a physical and emotional level.  You make it clear that no one is perfect or the best and that therapy won’t fix a person; rather, that OT will help you be the best person you can be but you must always work on it.  OT is a 24/7 process.  It isn’t just done when they come see you, but also when they are at home…”ES, Student Intern

“We wanted to thank you for everything you have accomplished with (our son)…His progress is a testament to the wonderful rapport you have with kids-what a gift! We look forward to sharing his progress with you in the future.”

AF, mom

“Bibi broke the ice for “S” he felt so good that was able to overcome his meltdown & he learned to express himself. Thanks for your dedication.

JK, father

“We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with (our son). His progress has just been amazing with you! Thank you for always being there to ‘hold our hands’ through this process.”

YR, mom

“You helped change (our son’s) life and ours we will always be indebted to you.”

RS, mom 

“…I want to say thank you for all of your time and tools.  We had a great day yesterday which could have been a disaster but thanks to you, it wasn't.…without you and your tools and support, I could never have done it and neither could she.  I know we're no where near finished with this but we owe you a huge amount of gratitude for helping us through all of this. “

TS, mom

Blanche has an amazing way of getting my daughter to do things she wouldn't usually do and she does it with Blanche happily! Blanche is so creative and warm. She sets just the right kind of limits for my child while letting my daughter know she is loved and helping my daughter feel successful. My daughter eagerly awaits her weekly sessions with Blanche.
A.L. Mother

“Thank you for teaching me how to holde my pencil rite and other ways to work my musuls and thanks for teching me new games!”

AF, 6 years old

An excerpt from a community service award dedication to Alyssa and Aviva:  
“Kids Therapy Place is a beautiful, spacious, clean studio, filled with all kinds of state of the art therapy equipment.  When you walk into Kids Therapy Place, you are greeted with warmth and love.  You are greeted in a way that a relative, excited to see you, would greet you and invite you into their home.  You are invited in to play in the waiting area, or to participate in your child’s therapy session.  Each child is showered with so much genuine warmth and love that it could be given by family.  And so, despite the professionalism, expertise and state-of-the-art facility, you really are entering Alyssa and Aviva’s home away from home.

“Thank you for your hearthfelt care and devotion.  With perfect balance of sensitivity and persistence, you helped me become the person I am today.  With the love and support I know I will continue to surpass my greatest expectations.”

BH, 25 years old

Alyssa and Aviva, two gifted therapists, as well as inspirational women, make each child’s therapy experience a special one.  They make it fun, they constantly keep it fresh and they make each child feel safe and secure.  They involve parents in the sessions, by inviting them to participate in sessions whenever they want.  They make sure that parents, teachers and even children have a clear understanding of each part of the process.  They celebrate each accomplishment and they empathize with each struggle that a child encounters.

AV, mom

“Aviva has been working with two of our children for the past several years.  My kids were premature and are dealing with sensory integration and other developmental issues. They have developed and grown immensely, and adore Aviva and their time at Kids' Therapy Place.  Aviva is creative, adaptable and flexible, and adjusts her approach to the individual child.  The place itself is wonderful, with rooms full of equipment, toys and activities.

As parents, we have found Aviva to be a great partner, helping us help our kids develop and thrive.  When we have questions and concerns -- no matter where -- school, home, on the road -- Aviva is there, and generously shares her time, ideas and advice with us.  She and Alyssa are a "dynamic duo" -- I couldn't recommend them and Kids' Therapy Place more highly!”

KB, mom

“Thank you so much for all you do for us.  The amount of caring and patience you give to us and all of your clients is truly amazing.”

AK, mom

“Thanks you are amazing! We are forever grateful.”

DS, dad