What we do

We service children with a variety of disabilities and needs including, though not exclusively:

- Neurological Disorders
- Neuromuscular Disorders
– Hypotonicity
- Prematurity

- Sensory Processing Disorders 
- Fine motor
– Graphomotor Disorders 

- Autism and related Spectrum
- Genetic Diagnoses
- Developmental Disabilities 

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Who can recommend my child for therapy?

The recommendation for a child to be referred for an occupational therapy evaluation can stem from any number of sources such as the child's teacher; a physician, other healthcare worker or therapist; a parent or a family member.

What happens next?

Once a determination has been made that an OT evaluation is necessary, we will evaluate your child using a combination of standardized assessments, informal assessment such as play and use of our equipment as well as a thorough parent interview. We are looking at your child’s gross motor, fine motor and sensory processing development and overall functional abilities. We are more than happy to speak with your child's school as well as go for a school visit if needed. Once we have evaluated your child, we will discuss our findings and recommendations for occupational therapy.

What are you going to work on?

Parents and teachers (and the children themselves, when appropriate) can all contribute in creating goals for therapy, depending on the child's needs. When considering the frequency and duration of sessions, we aim to consider the children's needs, the family logistics and financial circumstances. We take all these factors into consideration when planning your schedule to help make this process a pleasant and enjoyable one so that parent and child can move forward together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Occupational Therapy for children all about?

Occupational therapy is a profession that focuses on the occupation of our clients. For children, their primary occupations include play, socialization, academic performance and fine and gross motor development. We use play and playful conditions to work with children. By being creative and constantly updating our equipment, toys and craft supplies, we ensure a fun and nurturing environment where children happily work hard to make progress. Most times they don't even realize how hard they are working! Through their participation in these activities, the child has the opportunity to grow and learn..

Can I observe my child’s session?

We believe that the relationship of the parent and therapist is fundamental to the progress and development of all children who participate in therapy. To that end, we are in continuous contact with parents. This enables us, through regular meetings and phone calls, to make sure that follow-through is consistent and that parents have a full understanding of the therapeutic process and their child's needs. We have an open-door policy for parents to observe and participate in sessions. In this way, we can make suggestions and brainstorm jointly to find solutions for behavioral concerns, muscular difficulties, and other types of problems related to issues such as activities of daily living (such as hygiene, feeding, toileting, dressing, etc.) or concerns in school.

Do I need to do anything at home?

We employ many different strategies for parents to carry over at home such as stretching and positioning protocols and home exercise programs; sensory diets; visual schedules; daily routines; handwriting homework;  positive reinforcement programs; and The Listening Program to name a few. Children make the most progress when the program is carried over at home as well.

Can you work with my school?

We are happy to work with teachers and school based interventionists to ensure a successful academic and social experience in school. When appropriate, we participate in staff meetings, observe in the classroom and provide teacher workshops to help facilitate a better understanding of the child with special needs.

How will I know if I need to see another specialist?

Occasionally, a child's developmental and/or academic milestones are significantly delayed or called into question. At that time, further referrals must be made to help determine diagnostic considerations. We will help guide parents through this process by consulting with their pediatrician and any other medical or developmental healthcare providers to ensure a global and holistic treatment and diagnosis. Conferring with physicians to brainstorm solutions to difficulties affecting a child is often helpful and enlightening and we are happy to provide this service as needed.

Do you take insurance?

We unfortunately do not participate with Insurance. However, we do provide you with all the information needed to submit to your Insurance company for out of network benefits. If your Insurance needs notes from us, we can provide that as well.